Introducing the D2040 family of amps.

By players, for players.

We have endeavored to create amplifiers that will increase your range of expression, inspire you with the sound of your own music and do so with a minimum of effort. Our carefully hand crafted amplifiers are the product of decades of experience as designers and players.


We have made no compromises in the quality of components, some custom made for our company, and employed assembly methods that will lend a pride in ownership commensurate with the quality you expect from a small, specialty manufacturer.

Dynamic D2040 Amp FaceplateIlluminated Dynamic logo plate
Dynamic D2040 Family of Tube AmplifiersLeft: Large combo, 2040 head and large extension cabinet, small combo
Dynamic D2040 Detail: Side HandlesSide handles; tube amps aren't light!

    Special Features

  • Power range from 20 to 40 watts (controls saturation @ desired volume)
  • Explore big tone and headroom differences
  • Amp comes pre-biased for 3 popular octal tubes. (many options available)


  • Side handles
  • Illuminated logo plate
  • High-level cosmetic and graphic design

An Original Amp

No Kit

The design goal for the Dynamic 2040 was to engineer an amplifier from the “ground up” that would embody sonic characteristics of the best vintage American amplifiers and vintage British amp tones. The D2040 is neither a kit nor a “clone” that has been “tweaked”, like so many others on the market today. This amp was designed and built by guitar players for guitar players, whose livelihood depends on equipment that is road tough, reliable and at the same time is able to inspire and help the guitarist deliver the goods on stage, night after night.

Custom Components

The D2040 features a sturdy, in-house designed anodized aluminum chassis, custom transformers, fiberglass turret boards and high quality components, all expertly hand-wired in-house and tested. Cabinets are custom designed in-house, made of solid ¾ “finger joined” pine covered with high quality Tolex, and Baltic birch plywood speaker baffles that feature exceptional, sonically transparent grille cloth. High-grade hardware throughout.

Open or Semi-Closed

Cabinets were dimensioned to maximize loudspeaker performance. Designed as semi-ported cabs to be efficient while allowing excellent low-frequency response, the middle panel of the cab can be removed for a more open, less taut bottom (more vintage-y).